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ReLeaf Shelter

The aim of this project was to design an innovative portable disaster relief shelter, that immediately aids victims by providing shelter after they
experience disastrous events and escape to safe countries for support.

The ReLeaf Shelter is light weight, compact and comfortable. The basic components collapse together for efficient flat packable transport, and
the unit is easy to assemble with no tools required.

This product is designed primarily to be used in large spaces, where victims are confined with relief, by providing privacy and restoring dignity.

When and area is filled with this innovative tent, all users are united by having the same quality shelter and it is aesthetically pleasing from birds eye view appearing like scattered leaves.

ReLeaf shelters would be mass produced and stored in strategic regions around the globe, then sent out in vast quantities when needed.

Scan 7_edited
Scan 4_edited
Scan 5_edited
Scan 6_edited
Scan 2_edited
Scan 1
Scan 2_edited
Scan 9_edited
Scan 1
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