Sajana Blinds

The aim of this project was to design a socially responsible product that would result in benefiting the lives of poverty stricken artisans from the Gujarat region in India.

The Sajana Blinds utilise the cultural and traditional block printing techniques that have been passed down for many generations in Gujarat. These Venetian blinds set an example and encourage artisans to broaden the range of products that they craft, sell their goods to wealthier markets, achieve fair pay and ultimately gain a better life.

The wood block carving and printing techniques
are integral to their culture and lifestyle, and
have been respectfully appropriated and
applied to the slats of the Sajana Blinds.

The final outcome serves as decorative furniture that has two different patterns which can be swapped as desired.  The Sajana blinds do not only control the amount of natural light in domestic environments while being aesthetically pleasing, it also enlightens a tradition.

© 2018 by Dan Cabral.

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