Elegance Tapware

The aim of this project was to design sohpisticated bathroom tapware that is to be displayed in bathrooms of modern homes and luxury resorts.  

Styling and form exploration were the focal points, where vigorous sketching was used to explore aesthetically pleasing shapes and geometry.

Elegance Tapware is made from chrome plated, die cast low carbon steel. The ergonomic form has a pleasing aesthetic that was inspired by mirrors, as the shape of the handle reflects the curve of the spout.

Concept Generation 5
Concept Generation 9
Concept Generation 8
Concept Generation 7
Concept Generation 6
Concept Generation 4
Concept Generation 3
Concept Generation 2
Concept Generation 1
Concept Development 2
Concept Development 3
Concept Development 4
Concept Development 5
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Final Tap Technical Drawings-1
Final Tap Technical Drawings-4
Final Tap Technical Drawings-2
Final Tap Technical Drawings-3