The D-Peg is an ergonomic solution that is targeted towards seniors citizens and people who suffer from arthritis, who find it difficult to use ordinary clothes pegs.  Basic calculation were conducted to ensure that minimal force is required to pull back the lever arm of the D-Peg so it can be used easily by the target market.

 The large form is easy to grasp and handle when hanging washing on the line, while providing additional clamping surface to ensure that clothes do not fall. The simplistic design accounts for physically disabled users by functioning with a pulling action rather than a pinching action.

hanging out o dry
Scan 2_edited
Final Peg Presentation
peg rendering 13
peg rendering 9
peg rendering 11
peg rendering 4
peg rendering 6
peg rendering 7
peg rendering 3
peg rendering 5
peg rendering 2
peg rendering 12
FINAL Technical Peg Design