CSIRO Biopolymers

The CSIRO developed biopolymer composite
materials and technology that is mechanically,
sustainably and functionally superior to similar
materials and composites.

For this industry project, my interdisciplinary
team ‘Next’ from Design Factory Melbourne
(DFM), worked in collaboration with the CSIRO,
where the task was to research and investigate
the versatility of the composites, and establish
the value and viability of the material technology being used in the industry.

Industry research and fibre comparison was
conducted to link the CSRIO with additional options and possibilities to expand the material capabilities. We analysed how the material behaved with post processing and machining.
After identifying the benefits and recommending specific industries to introduce the technology to, a proof of concept prototype was constructed with the intention of being a vehicle to showcase and educate viewers on the merit and potential of the material technology.

© 2018 by Dan Cabral.

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