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Buddy Buggy

This product was designed for a Chicco concept design competition, with the objective to create the Ride-On toy of the 21st Century that develops the sense of movement and imagination of children between 1 and 3 years old.  The brief constraints were that electronics or motors were prohibited to ensure that the only power source to drive the toy is the child user.

The simplistic and functional ‘Buddy Buggy’ is designed to connect to other units to improve social skills by encouraging interaction and cooperation when children play and learn together.  Made entirely from rigid plastics, the Buddy Buddy is safe, durable and environmentally sustainable. This versatile toy develops several
motor skills as it can be played with in many ways.

Scan 12_edited
Scan 1_edited
Scan 10_edited
Scan 8_edited
Scan 6_edited
Scan 9_edited
Scan 11_edited
Scan 3_edited
Scan 2_edited
Scan 1_edited
Scan 1_edited
Scan 3_edited
Scan 4_edited
hero front
hero back
baby pushing2
baby pulling
context shot
Buddy Buggy Assembly Section screen shot
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