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I am an enthusiastic and motivated Product Design Engineer who is always willing to learn and work outside my comfort zone to further develop my skills and capabilities. I believe that it is only acceptable to complete tasks and projects to the highest possible standard while meeting deadlines and overcoming any difficulties along the way.
I graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design) (Honours). I have demonstrated high levels of self-motivation and work ethic by finishing my degree with a distinction average, which reflects my willingness and determination to succeed and do my best for projects and work that I encounter. I am very comfortable with working in a creative environment with multidisciplinary teams, however I also work very well individually in an efficient manner.

Throughout my course I have developed a myriad of skills from industrial design and mechanical engineering disciplines to derive design solutions that are manufacturable, marketable and sustainable. I use creative techniques for research and ideation, to improve concepts and push the boundaries to achieve optimal results. I refine my concepts with engineering rigour, where designs are analysed and optimised with technical aptitude, while adhering to user needs and marketing viability.

I am a hardworking, family-orientated, professional innovator that is a child at heart yet a man at mind. I endeavour to never stop learning and improving as perfection is unachievable, but it is the only level that I reach for, to ensure that

I can be the best that I can be.

Companies, Teams & Organisations that I have worked with:

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